Children & Young People’s Counselling

Our clients tell us that they didn’t know about all the ways Relate could help them until they got in touch. If you think Relate can’t help you, think again, we are here for everyone.

Children & young people’s counselling
Relate Children and Young People’s Counselling is for any young person who is having problems. Our counsellors get what’s going on in young people’s lives and can help you deal with the challenges of school life and growing up. We will listen to you and help you to understand your relationships better, whether they are with parents, peers or teachers.

Young people experience family trauma in different ways. Our counsellors are trained to work with young people and can help them come to terms with all the upsets and changes in their life. The number of sessions will vary in accordance with individual needs.

We see young people from 5 years upwards.

How much does it cost?

We offer counselling for children aged 5 to 18.  In most cases we have to charge a fee of £50 for this service. This is payable in advance. However in some cases we may be able to offer a reduction in charges for families on a low income and/or claiming certain benefits.  Please telephone or email for details and to find out how to apply.

 These charges are non-refundable and are necessary in order to contribute towards our administration costs.

What should I do now?
Contact relate in complete confidence to explore how relate can help you.


Relate provided a counselling service for 14,453 children & young people last year.

“It really pulled me up and I’m just glad I didn’t do the stuff I was heading towards. I would just say talk to someone, anyone, before you get somewhere like that.”
Emily, 13
Relate client

“my schoolwork was being affected because I couldn’t concentrate…but thanks to Relate counselling I’ve got through my GCSE’s easy.”
Wez, 16
Relate client

“Counselling has helped me to develop as a person and understand my situation”

“Counselling really helped me come to terms with things and really changed me, helped me realise a lot”