Relationships in Business

At Relate West & Mid Kent, we can use our expertise in the business environment.

Poor employee personal relationships often detrimentally impact on business productivity. Issues such as stress, relationship breakdowns, divorce and separation affect an individual’s capacity regarding their performance in the workplace.

The dynamics of relationships are the same in business as they are in private relationships. We have the skills to maximise the effectiveness of your team’s business relationships with each other.

What we can offer you?

  1. Employee Assistance Programmes:

One-to-one counselling for individuals who may have been through a trauma, or have significant personal problems that affect their work attendance and/or performance.

  1. Working With Teams:

Improving working relationships that may have become unproductive; for example, in cases where you have individuals who are talented but do not work well together as a team.

  1. Working With Managers:

To give Managers suggestions as to how to work with difficult team members, and to increase their understanding of working relationships.

Our service is different to training companies as we are not formulaic. We take each case individually. We work with people to look at their working relationships in a different light.

We would be delighted to come and talk to you about how we could work with your business and to give ideas about the sort of service that we could deliver. As you know, effective teams and happy employees improve the ‘bottom line’ of any business.

Please telephone 01892 619231 or email for an initial informal discussion.