Family Counselling

Our clients tell us that they didn’t know about all the ways Relate could help them until they got in touch. If you think Relate can’t help you, think again, we are here for everyone.


Family counselling
Relate family counselling is for any family members who want to improve things at home. All families have arguments at some time, and big changes can affect parents, step-parents, grand-parents and of course children, in different ways. Relate family counselling provides a safe space for you to explore your differences, without it turning into an argument. Relate family counsellors don’t take sides or tell you what to do but they do really care about helping you to find a way forward, at your own pace.

How much does it cost?
Family Counselling is available in all of our offices.
There is a charge for this service and the cost of a session will vary slightly according to whether you attend a daytime or an evening appointment.
In some cases we may be able to offer a reduction in charges for families on a low income and/or claiming certain benefits.  Please telephone or email for details and to find out how to apply.

What should I do now?
Contact relate in complete confidence to explore how relate can help you.


98% of clients said that they would recommend Relate services to friends or family….

“…I felt very positive. I really liked the counsellor and she just felt like she was very grounded, she knew what was going on and I didn’t think she’d be scary or off-putting for my daughter who was only 13 at the time
Susan, Relate client

“family counselling allowed everyone to be calm and it allowed everyone to say how they’re feeling, without getting into a big argument…I’m glad we went.”
Janelle, Relate client