Welcome to the Relate Counselling Service for West Mid Kent


Relate is the UK’s largest charity providing impartial and non-judgemental information, support and counselling to people of all ages and for all relationships.  

Last year over a million people turned to us for support with their relationships, online and through our face-to-face services.  

Counselling with Relate is open to all; whether you’re old, young, retired or at school, single living together, married, separating, divorcing, straight, gay, bisexual or transgender.




What should I do now?

Explore our website and see how other people’s experiences are similar to your own.

Then contact relate in complete confidence to explore how Relate can help you.


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1.4 million families are at breaking point.  We know that a breaking point can be a turning point with the right support.  By donating to Relate you can help us provide crucial support to families across the UK.

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